Toddler in play car

“The team is very observant and genuinely enjoy recounting what Charlotte has achieved during her day with them. Their enthusiasm for when she has had a really good day, or done something new is simply contagious”

Care and Education

Prime Areas


Communications and Language

Our Nursery offers a rich language environment where children will develop confidence and skills in expressing themselves and learn to speak and listen in a range of situations.



This is about improving coordination, control, manipulation and movement skills both indoors and out. Parachutes, slides, tunnels, trampolines, bean bags, hoops and climbing frames are just some of the equipment we have within our extensive grounds. These enable energetic play, hand-eye coordination and extend both fine motor skills and gross motor control all set within our own ¾ of an acre of land making for a new adventure every day!


Personal, Social and Emotional

Fitzsimmons provides experience and support to help your child develop a positive sense of themselves and concern for others whilst building up confidence and trust. This enables them to feel valued and gives them a sense of belonging in an environment where they feel comfortable and safe.

Toddler reading