Toddler playing

“Activity planning is very good. It identifies specific learning objectives related to the early learning goals and is linked to targets for each child’s development”

Care and Education

Specific Areas


As children grow and develop, our everyday routines encourage them to link sounds and letters and to begin to make meaningful marks; for example to write their name on a piece of art work they have created. We believe that children benefit from having a wide range of reading materials, so alongside our fictional stories you will also
see non-fictional material to ignite their interest, such as a book on how to look after our tortoise Timmy, who lives in our Pre-School room and whom the children help to care for.


We understand the importance of building children’s confidence in this area. We provide them with opportunities to develop and improve their skills in counting, to understand and use numbers in their play and to recognise and understand concepts such as shapes, space and measures. For our younger children this starts by familiarising them with number language and counting using fun number rhymes. As they grow and develop we begin to encourage them to notice patterns and shapes in the environment around them and to use opportunities to count and practise basic addition and subtraction.

Understanding the World

This very broad subject encourages children to develop the skills that help them make sense of the world. It forms the foundation for later work in science, design and technology, history, geography and ICT. Children learn to investigate and to be curious, enthusiastic and experimental. During their time with us the children develop a strong sense of the world they live in and most importantly their place in it.

Expressive Arts and Design

Children learn through creative play, which is fundamental to successful learning. Creativity also helps children to make connections between one area of learning and another. Dance, art, music, role-play, imaginative play and cooking are all included within our routines. In all our play rooms we have a home corner; this area is fundamental for engaging children in role play and also allows us to supports the children’s development within all areas of their development. For example, if the children are showing interest in fire-fighters, the home corner may become a fire station, equipped with a phone (for ICTknowledge of the world) and a note pad and pen (for literacy development).

Children exploring