Beach fun

“I am so impressed with all the lovely staff and the brilliant team spirit at Fitzsimmons. You can literally feel the love in the building”

Our Team

Each member of our team has been carefully selected through a rigorous recruitment procedure to ensure we employ only the best. We select our staff on the basis of their qualifications and experience, together with their friendly and enthusiastic personalities which ensure we provide the highest standard of care for your children. Individuals have clear roles and responsibilities and are fully supported by the management team to continuously develop their knowledge and skills through an effective appraisal system, regular in-house training sessions and team meetings. By recognising and supporting the needs of our staff we are proud to say that many of our team have been with us in excess of 5 years, the longest standing being 15!

What makes our staff stay?

  • Strong investment in training
  • Good career opportunities
  • Team Building events
  • Strong working relationships supporting and encouraging each other