15 to 20 months

“Fitzsimmons has a very personalised approach to the care of each little member of their community. They were keen to find out as much about Freddie as possible in order to make his transition a smooth one and his days with them happy and stress-free”.

Learning to be a cub

15 to 20 months

Having acquired the skill of cruising the furniture or even the new skill of walking, our Pandas are eager to be on their feet and moving! This is now the time for them to explore and be introduced to Cubs.

As the time for moving up to the next room approaches, care is taken to familiarise the growing toddlers to forthcoming changes in their daily routine. By going upstairs and spending part of their day with their peers, perhaps for lunch which is often a fun and messy experience, allows for this transition to be taken at each child’s individual pace. Our staff encourage and support the children with beginning to feed themselves whilst sitting at child size tables, although this often involves learning to hold a spoon in one hand and using the other hand to scoop!

As the children begin to move more confidently they are able to explore and practise their new found physical skills in the garden! As their world and experiences broaden, so does their imagination and drive to imitate the everyday happenings around them.

We understand that learning to talk and walk can be very tiring, so in-between all the fun we always have time to ‘snuggle in’ with a favorite story.

Story time