“With our busy lifestyle we are unable to have pets are home, but Charlie loves being able to come to nursery and have his own pets to care for with regular requests for weekend sleepovers!”

Pets corner

The children love our pets – and for good reason. They offer the opportunity to have a special kind of companionship which for some children may be their only contact with animals.

Meet Mulberry

Mulberry is our ‘scruffy’ Jack Russell. He has a fun loving and gentle approach to life and there is nothing that he loves more than to chase a ball or have his tummy rubbed!

Mulberry joined us at 6 weeks old and working closely with a dog trainer ensured he was handled correctly, and nurtured into a well mannered dog who has the skills to be part of our team. During the day we plan supervised time for small groups of children to interact with him. They learn how to behave around him, and always ask if they can stroke him first which is an important lesson that helps children around other animals outside of nursery too.

Now 4 1/2  Mulberry is the perfect dog and is a firm favourite with all of our children. He has even won over the confidence of the children who had previously been rather nervous.

Meet our Guinea Pigs

Our Guinea Pigs have all been rescued from people who could no longer care for them. We have 4 ‘not so little piggies’ who the children adore, spending time with them daily, stroking and feeding (hence the not so little!) At weekends they have portable ‘holiday homes’ so that they can go home with the children for a sleepover.

Child with Guinea Pig