Child washing hands

“Thank you for the last 4 years that Martha has been at Nursery. She has developed into a polite and confident little girl who is now ready for school. She has been lucky to have been in a secure and happy environment whilst at Fitzsimmons and everyone who has looked after her has shown her love and kindness and helped her to become the little girl who leaves Nursery today.”


39 months to School

We now begin to prepare your child for school in a more structured environment, while maintaining the importance of learning through play. We are dedicated to making the transition from nursery to ‘big school’ as easy as possible and emphasising fun and enjoyment as the main factor of education.

Our Pre-School has 4 large rooms:

  • Quiet Room
  • Creative Room / Kitchen
  • Social room
  • Large washroom

Within these rooms you can expect to see…

  • Book Corner
  • Role Play Area
  • Maths & Science Area
  • Mark Making Area
  • Sand & Water Trays
  • Painting, sticking, junk modelling and woodwork
  • Technology Area
  • Cooking classes

Walk a little further and you reach our climbing frame and picnic area where the children can climb, swing and stand on the look-out platform that also serves as a great vantage point to spot any ‘would be’ pirates further down the garden! After a busy time, in the warmer weather, we will stop for tea here in the late afternoon sun.

Beyond all of this is an area of trees and rugged grassland for the older children to explore nature. This comes in particularly useful when the current topic of interest happens to be ‘Mini Beasts’!

From our babies to our cookies, all of our children have daily access to our garden. The only question is where will they go and what will they see…

Toddler making pastry