15 to 27 months

“She has come so far since that first day, learning to crawl, walk and feed herself and so much of this has been made easier by all of your encouragement and enthusiasm”.

Tigers and Cubs

15 to 27 months

Outside play now takes on a new meaning: a walk up the garden, an afternoon in the sandpit or a run around in our large indoor play hall – this age group is really on the move!

Friendships begin to take shape as their language develops and words can be clearly understood. In the mornings we have our circle time which is an opportunity to sing, dance or maybe listen to a favourite story.

Looking at and sharing flash cards is used to help extend vocabulary, while learning to recognise different animals and colours. Care is taken to gradually introduce new activities that will stimulate each aspect of your child’s development.

As with all age groups Tigers and Cubs have their own separate kitchen where they can enjoy mealtimes as a social occasion or transform it into an art studio where messy play abides!