“I am writing to acknowledge and celebrate their professionalism and commitment in providing excellent and outstanding childcare to my son.
My husband and I consider the time our son spends at nursery as a positive investment in his personal, social and educational development.
They have taken an active interest in supporting my son’s speech development, nurturing him to settle into the nursery and celebrate his exuberance”.


27 to 33 months

Moving up to the first floor and with daily use of the stairs our Zebras have a new found confidence! Couple this with a growing imagination with no boundaries, this is a key age for language development and concentration as they begin to express themselves, increasingly using words over gestures.

We support this growing age of independence by providing routines along with an environment that allows the children opportunities to choose what they would like to do. Toys are stored at the childrens level with photos and pictures to help them identify what is in the boxes. This allows them to choose what they want to play with as well as encouraging them to help tidy up and put their toys away!

A big milestone for our Zebras can be learning to use the potty or toilet. We help prepare them for this by making sure they are familiar with the bathroom routines, even if this starts just by going in and washing our hands while a friend uses the toilet.

By taking it slowly and at each child’s individual pace we help them to feel comfortable and in control of what happens. As a result of our gentle approach the children can learn, make mistakes and then celebrate their successes!